Caravan + Co is an Australian fashion brand made for women by women. Designed with today’s lifestyle in mind the brand embraces a timeless aesthetic with an elevated bohemian sensibility and a beautifully temporal ambiance.
The Caravan + Co woman is a seasoned traveller. A lover of classics who embraces measured luxury and an impression of artistry. She is equally a dreamer and a realist who lives large yet with an earthy grounding. Caravan + Co is a reflection of this persona and is deeply inspired each season by art, the artisan and a celebration of femininity in all its forms.

Founded in Melbourne by Nardia Robertson, Caravan + Co has been established in the spirit of global influence and collaboration. Each collection nurtures a unique partnership with an artisan who bestows their craft and skill upon the garments introducing a free-spirited tempering to the elevated luxury of the brands classic silhouettes.

The design processes, manufacturing considerations, material choices and work practices adopted at Caravan + Coare wholly considered to uphold sustainability at their core. The brand is operated under strict quality management with a high regard for the longevity of products and an intricate understanding of each step in the design and production process of garments to ensure sustainable measures are being adopted throughout.

As the name suggests, Caravan + Co is a transient brand that draws on global influence and the beauty of humanity and nature and the surprising juxtapositions to be found between the two. 


Caravan + Co Founder, Nardia Robertson, was taught to sew by her mother and grandmother.  This artisanal approach to craftsmanship is reflected in her designs and forms one of three major facets of the brand’s transcendental and luxurious aesthetic.

To complement the natural acquisition of her skills in childhood, Nardia went on to study fashion at the Melbourne School of Fashion (now RMIT) where her passion and persuasion were accompanied by a knowledge of the production and marketing assets required to succeed in the fashion design landscape.

Finally, Nardia came full circle when she began work within the high-end bridalwear industry, beginning a long time affair with embellishment, intricate handworked artistry and fine fabrics.


Today, Caravan + Co is the realisation of the unity of these three facets to Nardia’s background. Each juxtaposing element complimenting the other ensuring Nardia’s unique ability to perfect and acknowledge the entire process of designing and producing elevated fashion is end to end and cohesively seamless.