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Your go-to guide for knitwear.

Your go-to guide for knitwear.

Knitwear is a staple part of most's wardrobes, especiallyduring those cooler months. But, unlike other garments, our knitwear pieces deserve extra care to extend their life so you can wear them year after year. 

Knitwear is the result of the interlocking of a singular yarn, most often a wool, cashmere or mohair. The singularity and fibres of the yarn create a delicacy to the garment and require you to be on your game when it comes to cleaning, storage and repairs. Do these things and you will be looking cozy and cool for years to come.

Cleaning and storing knitwear.

The number one rule when it comes to working with premium delicate fibres is to clean as infrequently as you can. When it does come to the time where a wash is necessary use a mild or wool laundry liquid and do a gentle cold machine wash or hand wash . Once washed, air dry the garment, ideally laying it flat. Hanging the garment can affect its shape.

When it comes to storage, knitwear is best stored flat in an airtight space - drawers will do. When the warmer months come around you don't have need for the knitwear it is best to store them in a vacuum sealed bag. Add a scented soap, or a linen spray to keep moths away - lavender or sandalwood work a treat. 

How to repair knitwear.

Over time the loose fibres on the edges of the yarn begin to mat into tiny balls on the - this is referred to as pilling or bobbling. Fabric shavers or a de-bobbling tool will help safely shave off the bobbles and return the garment to looking like new. You can get a simple comb for $10 here, or an electric shaver here.

Knitwear can also be prone to snagging. As it's a singular woven yarn it is best to take it to a garment repairer as you don't want the whole piece to unravel.

Styling knitwear.

There are many ways to style knitwear to create a beautiful look. We love our cashmere/wool blend knitwear balanced out with a contrasting fibre, like leather or silk, or one of our exclusive prints. 

Our Charlie Over-sized Sweater, featuring a turtleneck and a side split, is designed to be worn over a slim leg pant or denim jean. Try tucking the knit slightly into the front of your jeans, or skirt, to give yourself waist definition. Or layer a longer hemmed top underneath to give it more length.


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